Jacob Loewentheil is an author, traveler, antiquarian bookseller, and rare photography dealer. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland and attended Cornell University, where he majored in psychology. Long fascinated by other cultures, he has traveled much of the world, including a year spent circumnavigating the globe. His travels have also taken him across much of the American landscape, from the deserts of New Mexico, to deep in the Florida Everglades, to Alaska's far eastern mountain ranges. His first book, The Psychological Portrait: Marcel Sternberger’s Revelations in Photography, draws on his academic work and photographic research to explore the work of portraitist Marcel Sternberger through previously unpublished photographs and documents.

Jacob’s current work focuses on restoring to historical memory 19th century travel diaries from the British photographer Thomas Child as well as his photography taken while in China. He is presently analyzing documents, as well as related photographs that are among the earliest surviving visual accounts of the modern West encountering the Far East.